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Our Online Support reached the mark of 100,000 users


You only really grasp how big a large number really is, when you see it in context. For instance, in relation to the number of inhabitants in a town or city. Our Online Support recently reached the mark of 100,000 users; that corresponds to the number of inhabitants in a medium-sized city in Europe.

100,000 Users

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The 100,000th user of Online Support was a maintenance engineer from Mexico who works in a production plant for bread, sponge cakes, and tortillas and had a problem with the yeast mixer. He visited the SEW-EURODRIVE Mexico website and used the SEW-EURODRIVE serial number to find some initial information about the product. After registering with Online Support, he was able to find out the corresponding part number of the damaged gasket and its dimensions. With the newly ordered gasket, he could quickly do the necessary repairs and the mixer is now running again.

This success speaks for itself, and is reason enough for us to take another more detailed look at the service that so many customers have already chosen. If a user visits the Online Support on our website, one thing quickly becomes clear: The service offering is huge. Starting with the drive selection and the product configurator, through to the request and ordering options, and even troubleshooting and the download of a wide range of information under Data and documents, the customer can find many tools for working together with SEW-EURODRIVE.

Factors for success

Online Support is available day and night and gives users the opportunity to find information quickly. Many of our customers work in industries where long idling times are simply not an option. If a problem occurs, they need to find a solution – quickly and no matter what the time of day. Online Support gives the customers plenty of information on the most frequent issues – presented in a simple and clear way.

Another important factor is that, in the age of Google, Apple, and Amazon, the customers are used to searching for information on the Internet and also configuring products online. Their first step is often to consult the Web. We have incorporated the full wealth of the several decades of experience of SEW-EURODRIVE into our Online Support, so that we can offer our customers the best possible assistance.

100,000 users have affirmed us in our efforts, and they are our motivation to go on constantly enhancing the Online Support. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the users of our online service both for using our tool and for their feedback, which helps us to always go on enhancing it further.