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SEW-EURODRIVE Portugal has once again marked its presence at EMAF - International Machinery, Equipment and Service Fair. With a long-term connection to this fair, SEW Portugal finishes the 2018 edition with good prospects for the future. In a strategic stage for the Portuguese Industry, SEW received the visit of several business partners to which it showed its latest products and solutions, simultaneously analyzing business perspectives and cooperation.


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• MOVIGEAR - Size 1 - The new MGF ..- DSM size 1 drive completes the SEW product portfolio with a high overall system efficiency for centralized installations in the lower power range.

Ideal for use in conveyor applications that require low binaries of 10 to 100 Nm.

• ECDriveS® motorized rollers - The acronym for Switched Control Electric Drive System is equipped with a brushless DC motor which provides a simple, efficient and low cost solution for roller conveyors.

• XCO S37 Reducer - The innovative XCO (EXtreme Corrosion Option) drive package enables SEW-EURODRIVE to provide surface protection, especially for use in the food and beverage industry. XCO surface protection is approved for food contact and provides a high level of corrosion protection under extreme environmental conditions. With its metallic appearance, the XCO surface protection offers an alternative to the classic stainless steel drives.

• Gear unit FM127 - With FM .. configurations, SEW-EURODRIVE offers parallel shaft helical gear units optimized especially for use in mixers and agitators thanks to an elongated bearing distance. These parallel shaft helical gear units are available in sizes 67 to 157 and therefore cover radial loads from 25 000 N to 176 500 N.

• AGV - Mobility has taken on a new dimension with AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle). These innovative and versatile drive systems make use of state-of-the-art drive technology, navigation and positioning, providing unmatched flexibility and adaptability. Various power solutions ranging from batteries to induction charging / charging systems (based on MOVITRANS® technology) are available. The safety functions have not been discolored, as often AGVs share space with humans.